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About Tryouts

Tryout Process for U11-U19

The tryout process for players who are currently playing for Manitou FC, provides multiple opportunities for their abilities to be assessed.  Along with the scheduled tryouts, current players have also established a performance history through their participation during the past season.  This information is further supplemented by the tryout process where current players and prospective players are viewed together to determine where players are in their development.  Prospective “new” players are viewed and assessed only within the scheduled tryout windows.  

All tryout participants are viewed to assess their abilities within the following areas:  technical skills, tactical understanding along with their game sense and awareness, physical qualities and motor skills, personality, and competitive mindset.  Within the youngest age groups great attention is paid to assessing their future potential and not just their current level of performance. 

Boys and girls are expected to participate in both days of tryouts.  If you are unable to attend both days, please inform our Sporting Director by sending an email to the address below explaining your reason for missing a tryout date:

Players who wish to tryout at an older age may do so if permission has been granted by our Sporting Director.  Players should register for tryouts in their own age group and seek approval to tryout in an older age by sending an email to our Sporting Director with your request.  In most instances, players will need to tryout in their own age group on the first day of scheduled tryouts and pending approval will then be permitted to tryout at an older age on the last day.

Placement Process for U9-U10

Players who have not registered for the Future Manitou’s program and are still considering if they want to play on a parent-volunteer coached team instead should participate in the placement trials for these age groups.  

Following placement trials, players are offered an opportunity to sign up for the Future Manitou’s program or register to play on a team comprised of like-minded players who wish to play for a team coached by a parent-volunteer.  If a parent-volunteer coach is not identified for this team prior to the placement trials, Manitou FC will attempt to identify an individual who is willing to assume the role of team coach.  

Manitou FC conducts these placement trials to assist players and families within these age groups who are unsure of the best pathway forward for their son or daughter.  For more information about the Future Manitou’s program please click here.  

Preparing for Tryouts

Follow the recommendations below to make sure you are prepared for the tryouts.  Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

  • It’s important to be rested and ready to go!  Don’t physically overdo it the day before.  Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Make sure you eat properly the day before and day of the tryouts.  Allow enough time to digest your food before the tryouts.
  • Tryouts occur during some of the hottest days of the year.  Make sure you hydrate throughout the day.  Avoid the sun and heat throughout the day if possible.
  • If you are recovering from an injury, make sure you are healthy enough to take part.  If you need taping, bring enough tape so the athletic trainer can help you. Remember, the athletic trainer will not provide athletic tape.
  • You must bring the following to tryouts:  1) Properly inflated soccer ball, 2) Personal water bottle/jug with enough water given potential heat.  
  • Each player will be provided with a Manitou FC t-shirt at check-in.  Please wear appropriate clothing for tryouts.  Do not wear shoes that haven’t been broken in.  
  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of your age group tryouts for check-in.  Obtain player number at check-in to wear during each day of tryouts. 
Communication Following Tryouts

Following the final tryout, Manitou FC staff and evaluators meet to discuss players and finalize the team age group rosters.  Rosters are then submitted to our club administrator who then sends a registration link via email to each player.  Families are given 24 hours to accept or decline a roster spot after registration has been sent.  Failure to accept a roster spot within the allotted time specified may result in forfeiture of the respective team invitation if registration not returned to Manitou FC within 24 hours.  

Club and Team Fees & What They Provide

Club fees provide for:  Club Registration, Background Checks, FT/PT Staff Coaches, Indoor and Outdoor Field Rental, Club Office, Fall/Summer Referee Fees, Referee Assigner, Field Coordinator, Field Equipment, Club Administration, Website Management, College Advisory Program, Club & Player Insurance, Fall/Summer League Fee, Individual Player & Coach Passes

Team fees provide for:  Tournament Registration Fees, Winter League Fees, Indoor Facility Game Time, Coach Accommodation & Travel

Difference in fees for ‘Orange’ teams provide for an increased level of programming.  The above items apply only to Orange and Black level teams U11 and older. 

Club Fees

Boys Tryout Schedule

Girls Tryout Schedule

Tryout FAQs

Manitou FC is based out of White Bear Lake.
Learn more and register for our satellite clubs: Manitou FC–Forest Lake | Manitou FC–Eagan

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