Tell us about your experiences with Manitou FC by rating the areas below with the following scale:

1 = Poor 2 = Fair 3 = Good 4 = Excellent

Add comments to explain any responses of poor or fair – Include suggestions for improvement!

Clear communication about programs and registration
Timely response and follow up to inquiries
Ease of ordering uniforms
News and information provided on social media sites
Ease of navigating Manitou FC website
Website information accurate and up to date
Accessibility to Club Directors when needed
Comments on Club Administration
Variety of supplemental training programs offered by club
Explanation of programs and the benefits of participation
Availability of programs during the winter months
Club attempts to be accommodating with scheduling of programs
Comments on Programming
Communication with the Team Manager(s)
Team Manager(s) understand their roles
Timely notification of schedule and/or changes
Quality of coaches working with team
Quality of learning environment created by coaches
Clubs’ responsiveness to team or player questions
Confidence in TeamSnap as team’s communication tool
Coaches understanding and delivery of age-appropriate training
Comments on Team Experience
Value of experience for your daughter
Value of experience for your son
Awareness of a player development culture in club
High value in respect to the cost of participation
Belief in the direction of Manitou FC
Comments on Overall Feeling About Manitou FC
Age group daughter/son plays in
Gender of child
Participation level
Years in MFC
Would you be interested in helping a player or team as a sponsor?
Would you be interested in being a developmental program sponsor?
Would you be interested in being a title sponsor for the club

If you are interested in helping Manitou FC through sponsorship, please send an email with your contact information to and we will follow up to discuss opportunities!

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