Boys Elite Academy League

Boys Elite Academy League

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About the Elite Academy League

Launched in the 2020-21 season, the Elite Academy League (EAL) is comprised of over seventy-five member clubs who represent their market within a regional conference against other like-minded clubs who seek a higher level of competition to enhance their player development initiatives within their boy’s programs. Today, the EAL is comprised of seven conferences spanning the country with the Midwest the most recent area of expansion

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Why Participate in the Elite Academy League?

A platform of competition that provides our club with an enhanced environment for player development by providing the following:

  • League structure and policies support Manitou FC’s player development plans.
  • Provides more balanced competition against other like-minded clubs.
  • Allows players a “seasonal break” to play for their local high school team.
  • Provides a regional program of competition over several months of the year.
  • League calendar helps coaches build each age group’s annual training plan.
  • Exposure is provided to players looking to continue their soccer journey.

Club & Team Participation Expectations

It is important that players and parents have an understanding of the expectations that participation on a Manitou FC team requires. The following age group overviews have been developed to provide as much information as possible so that families can plan accordingly. Manitou FC supports multi-sport athletes within Orange and Black Team levels and asks that any athlete having such conflicts, especially during the winter season training program, communicate directly with your team’s coach to coordinate schedules and attendance. Multi-sport athletes must be “pre-approved” by the club’s Sporting Director to play on an Elite Academy team. Please note that Pre-EA programming for U11 and U12 age groups provides additional competition events for these ages.

If you have any questions about the player expectations or would like further clarification about age-group programming, please email Edi Buro, Manitou FC Sporting Director, at

Elite Academy Boys: U11, U12 | U13, U14
AreaU11 & U12 Boys Pre-EAU13 & U14 Boys EA
Training & CompetitionF: Train 3x’s per week + TCSL League
W: Train 3x’s per week + NSC League
S: Train 2-3x’s per week + TCSL League
F: Train 3x’s per week + TCSL/NPL + EA League
W: Train 3x’s per week + TCSL/NPL + EA League
S: Train 3x’s per week + TCSL/NPL + EA League
League PlayTCSL National LeagueTCSL/NPL + EA Regional League
TournamentsNSC Fall Cup, TCSL Final Four, KC Champions Cup
NSC Spring Cup, TCSL State Cup, NSC All American, USA Cup Weekend
EA National Showcase, USA Cup Weekend,
TCSL State Cup, MYSA State Cup, EA Play-offs*
CommunicationPlayer/Parent to CoachPlayer/Parent to Coach
KeyF = Fall, W = Winter, S = Summer
Elite Academy Boys: U15, U16, U17 | U18/19
AreaU15, U16, U17 Boys EAU18/19 Boys EA
Training & CompetitionF: Minnesota High School Competition
W: Train 3x’s per week + NPL + EA League
S: Train 3x’s per week + NPL + EA League
F: Minnesota High School Competition
W: Train 3x’s per week + EA League
S: Train 3x’s per week + UPSL + EA League
League PlayTCSL-NPL + EA Regional LeagueUPSL + EA Regional League
TournamentsEA National Showcase, Shattuck Showcase, USA Cup Weekend, TCSL State Cup, MYSA State Cup, EA Play-offs*EA National Showcase, Shattuck Showcase, TCSL State Cup, MYSA State Cup, EA Play-offs*
CommunicationPlayer to CoachPlayer to Coach
KeyF = Fall, W = Winter, S = Summer

U12-Pre Elite Academy + U13-U19 Elite Academy

Dates: July 27-July 28, 2024
Location: White Bear Lake High School
Address: 5040 Bald Eagle Ave, MN 55110

Boys Elite Academy League Fees (2023-2024 Season Pricing)
U13-U14 (2011-2010)$2,390
U15-U17 (2009-2007)$2,350
U18/U19 (2006-2005)$2,050

  • Club Fees Include: Club Registration, EA/TCSL League Registration, Indoor/Outdoor Training Time, Background Checks, VEO Filming Subscription, EA National Showcase Application, Athletic Trainer for EA home Games, Club & Player Insurance, 3-4x a Week Training, VEO Filming Subscription, Club Operations, GK Training, FT Coach, Referee Fees, Referee Assignor 
  • Club Fees do NOT Include: Tournaments (In and Out of Market), Player Travel, Indoor Games, Club Uniform
  • Team Fees Include: Coach Travel, Tournaments, Indoor Games 
  • Team Fee Estimates: $500-$900

Boys Elite Academy Tryout Prep Camp

Boys Elite Academy League Tryout Prep Camp is directed by the Manitou’s Sporting Director Edi Buro, who will be accompanied by Manitou Elite Academy coaching staff. Camp is designed for boys 2015 – 2006.

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