Future Manitous Academy

Future Manitous Academy U8-U10


The Future Manitous initiative is a player-centered program for Boys and Girls in the U8 to U10 age groups. Providing a football learning environment using small-sided games and exercises, individual skill activities, and movement education as our teaching tools, Boys and Girls further develop their confidence as their ability to manipulate the ball improves along with their ability to manage the stress of playing in a reduced time-space environment.

A full seasonal program (August to July) is available within this age group, although the program is flexible and allows for multi-sport athletes to join at different times during the year. The program maintains an appropriate training to game ratio throughout the seasonal year. Boys and Girls are separated into their respective genders in this program. There are no tryouts required for enrollment and no travel for games on weekdays.

Fall Season 2023 (Completed)

August 10–October 26 

Training Days: Sunday, Monday & Thursday
Training Times (Girls): 5:45-7 pm
Training Times (Boys): 5:45-7 pm
Training Site: Polar Lakes Park or WBL HS North Campus
Tournaments: NSC Fall Cup All Girls (Sept), NSC Fall Cup All Boys (Sept), Coon Rapids Cup (October), TCSL Festival (October) 
Competition: 3-5 Friendly Games
Other Events: N/A
Fall: $400
Full Year (Aug-July): $995

Winter/Spring/Summer Season 2024

January 14–April 25

Training Days: Sunday & Thursday
Training Times (Girls): Sunday (4-5 pm), Thursday (7-8 pm)
Training Time (Boys): Sunday (3-4 pm), Thursday (6-7 pm)
Training Site: TCO Sports Garden
Tournaments: N/A
Competition: N/A
Other Events: N/A
Winter/Spring/Summer: $650
Full Year (Aug-July): $995

April 28–July 20 

Training Days: Sunday, Monday & Thursday
Training Times (Girls): 6:45-8 pm
Training Times (Boys): 5:45-7 pm
Training Site: Polar Lakes Park
Tournaments: NSC Spring Cup (May), Eagan Future Stars (May), NSC All American (June), TCSL Festival (June) 
Competition: 3-5 Friendly Games
Other Events: July USA Cup (optional)
Winter/Spring/Summer: $650
Full Year (Aug-July): $995

Adidas Uniform

2 Year Cycle 2023-2024, 2024-2025 Season
Game Jersey:
Orange & Black
Training Jersey: Boys (Green), Gray (Girls)
Shorts: Black shorts, white shorts
Cost: $210.56

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