Young Legends Plus

Young Legends Plus (YLP) U7-U8


Serving as a bridge to the Future Manitou’s Academy, our Young Legends Plus program provides addition opportunities for age-appropriate competition, increased time in play, and practice activities in age group pools. Players are placed in team groups prior to participation in jamboree.

The Young Legends Plus helps players to transition to our Future Manitou’s Academy and provides boys and girls who are passionate about soccer and desire to continue playing at older ages additional time playing and developing their soccer skills. Competing against other clubs within scheduled Jamborees provide players with the opportunity to test their skills.

All Young Legends Plus sessions are conducted by members of the Manitou FC Coaching Staff. These coaches are experienced members of our coaching staff who are exceptional coach-educators working with this age of player. Jamborees feature games of 5v5 (includes GK). As possible, games are completed within a two-hour window. Referees are provided.

Program Access:  Players enrolled in Young Legends Plus are permitted and encouraged to register for any of the following Young Legends programs:

Spring 2024 U7–U8 Boys & Girls 

Birth Years: 2016–2017  

Training Location: Polar Lakes Park
(1280 Hammond Rd, White Bear Township MN) 

Training Days & Times: Tuesdays: 6pm–7pm; Saturdays: 9am–10am  

Calendar Dates of Training: 4/30, 5/4, 5/7, 5/11, 5/14, 5/18, 5/21, 6/4, 6/8, 6/11, 6/15, 6/18, 6/22. 

Jamborees Dates: TBD by TCSL 

Coaching Provided By: MFC Staff Coaches 

Fall 2024 U7–U8 Boys & Girls 

Birth Years: 2017–2018 

Training Location: Polar Lakes Park
(1280 Hammond Rd, White Bear Township MN, 55110) 

Training Days: Tuesdays: 6pm – 7pm; Thursdays: 6pm – 7pm 

Calendar Dates of Training: 8/29, 9/3, 9/5, 9/10, 9/12, 9/17, 9/19, 9/23, 9/26, 10/1, 10/3, 10/8 

Jamborees Dates: TBD by TCSL 

Coaching Provided By:  MFC Staff Coaches 

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