Young Legends Skill Builder Training

Young Legends Skill Builder’s Training


Designed to introduce and improve the basic skills needed to reach higher levels of play and enjoyment!  Our Skill Builder program focuses on the fundamental technical qualities necessary for a player to develop confidence and creativity with the ball. Helping the player to feel comfortable with the ball and less pressure allows them to raise the level of their game!

All Skill Builder sessions are conducted by members of the Manitou FC Coaching Staff.  These coaches are experienced members of our coaching staff who are exceptional coach-educators working with this age of player.

Objectives:  We focus on the following technical aspects:

  • Ball Mastery – Skills that build the relationship between a player’s feet and ball
  • Dribbling – Guide, control, and protect the ball while moving
  • Feinting – Develop the early basis for feinting and beating an opponent 1v1
  • Turns – Cutting, drawing, and turning with the ball to escape from your opponent
  • Kicking – Introduction to the skills of kicking or passing the ball
  • Movement – Development of movement skills to improve athletic performance

Fall 2024 U5 – U8 Boys & Girls 

Birth Years: 2017-2020 

Training Days: Wednesdays 

Training Dates: 8/14, 8/21, 8/28, 9/4, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25 

Training Times: 5:45pm – 6:45pm  

Training Location: Polar Lakes Park (1280 Hammond Rd, White Bear Township) 

Price: $85 (Manitou FC shirt provided)  

Coaching Provided By: Manitou FC Coaches 

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