Our Vision & Game Model

Our vision of the game is based on the importance of maintaining possession while progressing to goal. Players are challenged to play positively and aggressively on offense and defense as an individual, in a group or within the structure of the team. The ability to “read the game” in order to solve the problems presented is an essential quality required of each player within our game model. We encourage players to seek solutions to problems through their technical or tactical abilities and to play with a mindset that enables them to dominate their opponent.

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The assimilation of these individual abilities within collective team play is a critical element of our vision and players are trained to understand the importance of playing within a team structure. To achieve these goals, we are committed to a long-term development process, where the environment constantly challenges, nurtures and supports the growth and development of each player as they progress along a pathway that embraces an individual’s ability to play at the highest appropriate level of football. Believing that a player’s abilities and maturity rather than their age, determines what level they play at is a fundamental principle within our philosophy of player development.

Most importantly within our philosophy, we believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and the team concept — Together Everyone Achieves More — is the ultimate principle within the player develop- ment process, as it produces top players who later go on to play on top teams. This quality of character is an essential component in sport and life, and is valued over all else as we look to develop players of the highest caliber, both on and off the field.

Our Teams


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Highest level of competition and commitment Focus on mastering players’ individual skill set and team performance Support


High level of competition Self-Selected level of play Focus on individual player development promoting transition to Orange


Introductory level of competition Self-Selected level of play Lower level of commitment Focus is a fun and
Young Legends U5-U8


This program provides for the youngest members of our club, an exposure to movement education and an early introduction to the football. Creating an enjoyable, movement-oriented environment using small games and activities as our teaching tools, the players begin the process of developing a feeling of comfort and confidence with the ball at their feet. Two age group programs are provided.

Future Manitous U9-U10


This program provides for the U9-U10 age group a football learning environment using small-sided games and exercises, individual skill activities and further movement education as our teaching tools. Boys and girls further develop their confidence with the ball as their ability to manipulate the ball increases. A full seasonal program (August-July) is available at this age group, although the program is flexible in order to allow for multi-sport athletes. There are NO TRYOUTS required for this program and there is NO TRAVEL for games on weekdays.

The program maintains an appropriate training to game ration throughout the seasonal year. Boys and Girls are separated into their respective genders for this program. 

Performance Training

Team Training with The Power House will equip athletes with the tools necessary for peak performance in specific sports.

Game days are the moment of truth for sport-specific athletes. Luck can only get a team so far until they default to their level of training. It is the strongest, fastest, quickest, most powerful and disciplined teams that ultimately experience the glory of victory.

Sessions Focus On:

  • Tissue Quality – Utilizing a foam roller, stick, ball or other implement to increase blood circulation, release knots and adhesions as well as prepare muscle tissue to do work.​
  • Mobility – Exercises designed to actively stretch muscles through wide, ranging movement.​ 
  • Activation – Flipping the switch to turn on all of the smaller stabilizing muscles as well the big global movers that are paramount to being the best athlete possible.​
  • Dynamic Warm up – Calisthenics movement-based stretching and coordination work to continue the ramp up to greatness.​ 
  • Strength and conditioning – Muscle hypertrophy, strength, power and metabolic training in a cycled periodization model. 

Get Involved:

  • Team Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Individual Training
  • Performance Group Fitness Classes
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